Social responsibility policy ISO 26000

We are a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our company:

• Respects any law that concerns us and abides by it

• Supports and respects its customers and employees

• Dictates all business operations in a transparent are legitimate way

• Keeps partnerships open

• Respects human rights by giving equal opportunity to every employer and abides by all fair labor practices. No violation of rights is acceptable

• Understands the meaning of Safety by creating safe working conditions

• Uses Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices

• Protects the natural environment, minimizing pollution of air, water and waste, emphasizing in activities like recycling, Conserving energy, using waste management systems and environmentally-friendly technologies and products

• Calculates risks and hazards, opportunities and threats

• Avoids harming the lives of local people during its activities

• Supports public authorities during inspections and welcomes inspections

• No forced labor is accepted.

• Helps local community by making monetary or other kind of donations or investments in order to advance community events

Our company encourages its employees to volunteer and sponsors volunteering events

We try to improve ourselves, we are always open to suggestions, we measure customer satisfaction and listen carefully to ideas. Local Hotel Managers are responsible for resolving any issues.