The art of hospitality
The art of hospitality
The foreigner's gate

The gate through which, in ancient times, visitors entered the city-state. Guests were sacred for the local people and were treated with superior attention and hospitality

Having served the art of hospitality for many years, we decided to establish the XENIOS GATE brand, desiring to give an identity to the high quality service provided by our hotels. With reference to the famous Greek hospitality and focused on our guest satisfaction, we design the ideal environment for vacations full of relaxation, joy and creativity.

X-enios Gate


E-legant Memories

Unique and wonderful memories

N-atural Landscape

Protection of the natural environment and implementation of sustainability strategies

I-deal Service

Flawless service aimed at customer satisfaction

O-riginal Cuisine

Culinary options that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes

S-ea & Sun

A summer flooded with the beauties of the Greek island landscape

G-reat People

A team of well trained professionals

A-rt Of Hospitality

High standard hospitality for every customer category

T-hrilling Entertainment

A wide variety of recreational activities for all ages

E-xperience Of A Lifetime

An experience that remains unforgettable in the mind and heart of every visitor

X-enios Gate

Cares for


The environment and participates in integrated actions for its preservation


Increasing profitability without compromising the high quality of services


Creating innovative ideas that will attract new customers


Offering continuously optimized services according to the requirements


Providing sustainability solutions that promote the viability of its facilities


Constant growth based on our business plan


Increasing its recognition at a wider domestic and international level


Proving the timelessness of its hotels as a top tourist destination


Continuously improving the efficiency of its activities

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Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa Resort

Idyllic Family Resort in Thassos

Alexandra Beach Hotel in Thassos is an exemplary beach hotel in Thassos island beyond any comparison. Like a private village in between the palm trees, the emerald water of the Aegean sea and the greatness of nature, Alexandra Beach hotel in Thassos welcomes guests to enjoy a highly pleasurable experience like no other.

Alexandra Golden Boutique Hotel

An Exclusive Adults Only Hotel in Thassos

Just like in the myth of Thassos, who bewitched by the island's verdant allure and mystical charm decided to abandon his quest for Europa on behalf of Zeus and reside here, we were also bedazzled by the land, by the unique surroundings and the glorious landscape. Instantly we envisaged a haven for couples, nuzzled in nature amidst the golden shimmering sand and the azure sea, and so, Alexandra Golden adults only boutique hotel was born.

A for Art Design Hotel

An Alternative Design hotel in Thassos

Bridging the heritage of the past with modern aesthetics, A for Art Design hotel at Limenas, Thassos breathes fresh into an iconic historical building from the beginning of the 20th century.

Alexandra Elegance Bridging Generations

Teen-Friendly All-Inclusive Hotels in Thassos

Encircled by the cerulean sea in a garden of Eden, Alexandra Elegance is a 5-star hotel in Thassos satisfying the needs of teens and families wishing to spend some quality time together at one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It is the first 5-star resort in all of Greece that has been specially designed to offer teenagers all that their heart desires for the last few holidays they will be spending with their family.

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